Nazm is a major part of urdu poetry, that is normally written in rhymed verse and also in modern prose style poems. Nazm is a beautiful poetry describing the simple language in terms of rhymes or poems. Many poets express their gratitude towards their life in Nazms.

There are various forms of Nazm like Naat, Qawwwali, Hamd, Qasida, Salam, Marsiya and much more. This is written in many languages but basically in Urdu, Persian and Hindi. This is usually recited on special occasions or at any holy place. Nazm’s are different from other poetry as they are written in different manner. Some Nazm’s are sad and it describes grieving or weeping phrases about some sad event or happening whereas some are of expressing happiness and joy.

There were many famous poets of Nazm writing like Nazeer Akarabadi, Iqbal, Josh, Firaq, Ahtarul Iman and many who have contributed a lot to this genre. These people have gained much popularity worldwide in this Nazm poetry writing and received many accolades.

Nazm is written in easy phrases which mostly talks about common life, philosophical thinking, social issue, politics and the thinking and mentality of human beings. It describes the complete attitude of the poets.