A Hamd is a poem or song in praise of Allah. It is usually written in Arabic, Persian or Urdu. The word Hamd comes from the Quran, the holy book of Allah. The meaning of Hamd is Allah’s word or praise to Allah. Its prose is beautiful and is sung with soft melodies.

Hamd is sung and recited all over the world by Muslims. The Purity of Hamd is best absorbed in Urdu language. The prose used in Urdu will make this poem appealing.

Hamd has a great place in Urdu poetry. One of its grand characteristics is that it sets forth its claims with respect to Allah and its excellent qualities and prose furnishes the proof of devotion to the almighty god Allah. It is usually written taking the words from the holy Quran whose grand characteristic is not possessed by any other book in the world. Out of the reasons and proofs that it has set forth in support of its Divine origin and its high-grade superiority as no human being could and can ever produce one single line that can be compare to it.

Hamd prose shines like the stars and slakes the thirst of those who are thirsty for comprehension, and washes out the dirt of doubt and suspicion. It uses prose that will define the greatness of almighty in creating this world and providing with so many amenities.

Every Islamic event is initiated by the recitation of Hamd. Even a Qawwali performance usually includes at least one Hamd, which is traditionally the first song in the performance. They are many well known Hamd singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Sabri Brothers and Qari Waheed Zafar who have contributed a lot in this concept. There are various singers who also sing this in modern English language like Cat Stevens, Sami Yusuf and Nusrullah Noori.