Taza Kalaam

Adeel Zaidi website is a good source for knowing about Islam and its advent towards art and poetry. Islamic History has much in its account to unfold. The cultural flowering of Islam began at the time when Europe, except for the Byzantine Empire, was in a state of disintegration called as the Dark Ages. Although Europeans during the middle Ages benefited much from Islamic tradition on medicine, geography, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy, they did not become acquainted with the original literary creations of the Muslim world.


Islamic history plays a very important role in the origin of poetry. The poetry has different forms. Shayari is also of the one form of poetry. Today it is usually written in all languages. But this culture started with writing shayari in Urdu and Hindi. Urdu was originally called as Hindi by the early age poets. Adeel Zaidi has rich collection of Hindi and Urdu shayaris for all shayari lovers.


Hindi shayari is much simple and easy to understand. The difficulty of translation applied especially to Islamic poetry, which for centuries used traditional, rigid, and distinctive forms in a highly stylized way. Classical Arabic poetry was built on the principle of the mono rhyme, and the single rhyme was employed throughout a poem, whether it was long or short. But with advent of Hindi shayari this tradition has completely changed.


After the coming of Islam, the Qasida served as an instrument of praise to God, and also of Muhammad, and songs of commendation or lament for the saints. It was a type of poem that lent itself to displays of the poet’s own knowledge. This also uses prose from the shayari. Browse our website for different collections of shayaris from various poets.


Hindi shayari started very long time ago with different cultures all over the world adapting it verses. This Hindi shayari has a direct connection to Islamic history as it is the base to poetry writing. Hindi shayari was very beautiful and melodies with rhymes. It is also much appreciated in today era ad many poets are creating wonders in Hindi shayari writing.