Karbala is a city in Iraq. This city is best known for the battle of Karbala in history. This city is considered as the holiest city by the shia muslim as it is the home to Imam Hussain’s shrine. This place is famous as the site of the martyrdom of Hussain Ibne Ali (Imam Hussain (AS)).

According to shia belief the true meaning of the name Karbala was narrated to Prophet Mohammad by the archangel Gabriel as being “the land which will cause many agonies (karb) and afflictions (bala).

This city is one of Iraq’s wealthiest places, profiting both from religious visitors and as well from the agricultural production. The major source of agriculture here is dates. This place have increasing amount of visitors every year thus adding up to it revenues. Basically people visit Karbala as it is considered sacred by the shia community all over the world and commemorations are held by millions of shia’s here annually.

This city is divided into two parts, the old Karbala and new Karbala. At the centre of the old city is the Masjid al Hussein, the tomb of Imam Hussein. Imam Hussein was the grandson of Prophet Mohammad and son of Imam Ali and Fatima tuz Zahra. This tomb is place of pilgrimage for Shia Muslims. This place is visited by millions of people around the world on the anniversary of the battle of Karbala which is named as the day of ‘Ashura’.

Karbala’s prominence in shia tradition is the result of the battle of Karbala, which took place on 10th of Moharram in 61 AH. Imam Hussein and his brother Abbas Ibne Ali along with their sons are buried in this sacred land. This place is considered to be pious and many people stay here to await death as they believe that the shrine of Imam Hussein is one of the gates to the paradise.

The city’s association with shia Islam have made it the centre of religious worship place. Karbala is the place where Imam Hussein and his family was martyred and it is considered as the most sacred lands on earth and is one of the valleys of paradise.