Adeel Zaidi serves all the Urdu poetry lovers as the home for Urdu literature. Urdu literature is generally composed more of poetry than of prose. This website provides a great collection of all famous Urdu poetry, Ghazal and Nazm from the best of the Urdu poets.

Adeel Zaidi is a personal website of an Urdu literature student providing a pearl to the ocean of Urdu poetry. Urdu poetryis a rich tradition of poetry which was initially originated from the Persian language. It has many different forms like Ghazal, Qasida, Marsiya, Masnavi, Tazkira and Nazm. It is considered an important part of north Indian and Pakistani culture.

Adeel Zaidi caters as a greatest hub for all famous Urdu poets and their beautiful work of art. This website is enriched with full poetry to make all Urdu lovers blissful with wide range of splendid Urdu poems. Adeel Zaidi has devoured and incorporated all that was best in the past and present Islamic and Oriental thought and culture to present his marvelous collection of Urdu poetry, Ghazal and Nazm. In Urdu poetic tradition most poets use a pen name called ‘Takhallus’ which is the identity of this poets work. They include their Takhallus in the final phrase of poetry.

 It’s a treasure of Urdu literature and poetry. In this website you can find the poetry is being presented both in Urdu and Roman script, keeping in mind the lovers of Urdu Poetry across the globe. You can enjoy the quality and depth of all the best Urdu Ghazal and Nazm by all the famous Urdu poets in both ancient and modern styles.

This Urdu website is a very good resource if you are looking for quality work. One can get complete range of Urdu poetry, Nazm and Ghazal here. If you haven’t sampled the Urdu poetry, then you haven’t sampled the best of this genre.